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DRK weltweit im Einsatz

International Cooperation and Disaster Management

Das Beherrschen der englischen Sprache ist Grundvoraussetzung für unsere Auslandseinsätze (und Deutsch keine Bedingung). Deshalb haben wir die folgenden Informationen nicht übersetzt.

About the German Red Cross

To assist national sister societies in international co-operation upon request is a statutory responsibility of national German Red Cross headquarters and more specifically its international co-peration department, also in charge of representing the German Red Cross in dealings with the international institutions of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.

In its international humanitarian operations, GRC headquarters act as a part of the world-wide Red Cross Movement. The Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement is comprised of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), as well as more than 180 national Red Cross/ Red Crescent Societies world-wide. The co-operation among these components of the Movement is ruled by International Humanitarian Law, the Statutes of the Movement, the Principles and Rules for Disaster Relief and other international agreements.

Our Mission

The German Red Cross (GRC) co-operates with other national Red Cross/ Red Crescent societies, the International Federation of Red Cross/ Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross in numerous missions concerning

  • Emergency Response (Quick assignment of pre-trained personnel and pre-packaged material, provision of relief materials, donations and contributions in cash and in kind to partner organisations)
  • Rehabilitation after disasters (Rebuilding houses, medical facilities, and infrastructure after disasters)
  • Development and disaster preparedness projects with national sister societies of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent (Co-operation between national societies in order to become more effective in program development and implementation, mostly with a strong focus on disaster preparedness and disaster management capacities as well as monitoring, marketing and finance).

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